Hope is the best of things – June 14

So far it’s been the kind of day that makes one START their blog at 5:29 PM…YIKES…

Mets travel to Cleveland after sweep at Baltimore

Thanks to 5 first-inning runs and 6 determined innings by Mike Pelfrey, the Mets swept their first road series since September 2008.  David Wright hit two two-run HR, Chris Carter hit a three-run HR and (wait…HOLD IT!!!) JASON BAY hit his first road HR since September 2009.

Thanks to David Wright's 2 HR and 4 RBI, the Mets completed a 3-game sweep of the Orioles.


Jason Bay’s long awaited first HR of the season occurred during Sunday’s 11-4 win over the Orioles.  Bay homered in the 5th inning off of Kevin Millwood and it was his first road HR since September 21, 2009.  Overall, Bay had one of his best days as a Met, going 4-4 with a BB and scoring 4 runs.

Mets players to reach base 5 times and score 4 runs on road; Since 2003

Jason Bay                 June 13, 2010 at BAL

Fernando Tatis        July 2, 2009 at PIT

Luis Castillo              June 27, 2008 at NYY

Mike Jacobs             August 24, 2005 at ARI

David Wright           August 24, 2005 at ARI

Jason Bay collected 4 hits, including his first road HR of the season in the Mets win.

Sweeping an American League team on the road is rare enough (only happened once previously – vs NYY in 2008 – and that was separated by six weeks thanks to a rain out).  On Tuesday the Mets will try to do something they have never done before on the road against the American League and that is win 4 straight games.

Longest single-season road win streaks; vs American League opponents

2008         3  (May 17-June 16)

2003         3  (June 11-13)

2001         3  (June 10-13)

1999          3  (June 6-July 16)

Big Pelf joins rare company

Mike Pelfrey improved to 9-1 yesterday with his win over the Orioles.  Pelfrey is the first Met pitcher to win at least 9 of his first 10 decisions since Al Leiter did it back in 2000.  Terry Leach had the best win pct for any Mets pitcher through 10 decisions when he started 10-0 in 1987.  Of the Mets starters who won at least 9 of their first 10 decisions, only David Cone went on to win 20 games.

Mike Pelfrey became one of just 5 Mets pitchers to start the season with 9 wins in their first 10 decisions.

Best W-L through first 10 decisions; Single-season Mets pitchers

Terry Leach           1987           10-0

Mike Pelfrey          2010             9-1

Al Leiter                 2000             9-1

David Cone             1988              9-1

Doc Gooden            1988              9-1

Johan Santana will take the mound tomorrow night against Justin Masterson of the Indians.  Though Santana is the undeniable number one starter on the Mets, the Mets have not performed in his recent starts, while they have for the other 4 starters in the rotation.

Mets in Santana starts vs rest of rotation – Since May 18th

When Santana starts:    1-4

Rest of rotation starts:  15-4

>>Santana: 1-1 over span; rest of rotation: 11-2

Despite Johan's best efforts, the Mets just have 1 win in his last 5 starts.

In total, the Mets have as many losses in their last 19 games started by their other starters, compared to 4 losses in 5 games when their ace starts.  If the Mets figure out how to hit in Santana starts, who knows how good this team can be?

OFFENSIVE numbers – Johan Santana’s last 5 starts (team averages)

BA       .196

HR        1.0

Runs     2.1

BB         2.0

K           9.2

Rest of staff

BA        .289

HR         1.1

Runs      5.4

BB          3.1

K            5.7

Help Fund for Cancer Survivors

I might as well use this blog to educate people that cancer survivors out there need your help.  Many of us (myself included) have suffered awful side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation.  As a result of my treatment, I now suffer from Hemochromotosis, Crohn’s Disease and Lymphedema.  I had to retire in April 2008 after being diagnosed with Hemochromotosis. Disability payments are not NEARLY enough to live on and many of us in situations like mine need help.  PLEASE help me by donating to a fund to start a foundation for cancer survivors.  If you want more information or are looking for something like this and want to become involved, check out our facebook page or email me.



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