Hope is the best of things – June 22

Why the Rants?

In my prior blog I was perhaps a bit to negative.  I didn’t mean to belittle the Mets accomplishments over the last month.  They have played much better and with a different attitude that they showed much of the last 3 years.  However, when you root for a team like I have interest in the Mets, you want to see them take the NEXT step. Beating the Yankees on Friday night was a great step.  Then watching them lose the next 2 days without any fight or passion or attitude just made me realize that this team still has a long way to go before they are ready to compete with the elite teams in this league.

I addressed some of the areas of concern (lack of SP depth, bullpen, bench, Jason Bay), so it would be nice to see Omar Minaya do something to help this team and fire up the fan base.  Cliff Lee would be nice, but not for a rental.  If the Mets get him they need to know he would re-sign with them.  We can’t be giving away our best prospects for a guy who will bolt come November.  We aren’t the Brewers.

Every now and then I will get after this team, but only because I want them to achieve greatness.  I’m sick of seeing them settle for 2nd rate.  I’m sick of them bowing to the Yankees.  I’m sick of them losing out of the best players because they don’t have the same aggressiveness of the Yankees or Red Sox.  When I say “Hope is the best of things” I mean it, and with this team it starts with hope.  From there we need the 25 players in uniform and the front office to move from “hope” to reality.

Fans can hope and pray, but management and the players are the ones who need to make it a reality

Mets host AL Central opponents

Tonight the Mets come home to Citifield to take on the Tigers.   Jonathon Niese gets the start against Justin Verlander.  Niese has won his last 3 starts since coming off the DL and gone at least 7 innings in all 3 starts (he is the first Met rookie to win 3 straight starts while throwing at least 7 innings since Jae Seo in 2003).

Jonathon Niese 2010 Averages per start; before and after DL stint

Before    W-L: 1-2   ERA: 4.79  IP: 5.1  WHIP: 1.79   Opp. BA: .322

After:     W-L: 3-0  ERA: 1.57   IP: 7.2  WHIP: 0.78  Opp. BA: .188

Jerry Manuel has not had to take the ball from Niese since coming off the DL.

Verlander has also won his last 3 starts and gone at least 7 innings in those starts.  On the season, Verlander is 8-4 with a 3.54 ERA.  In his career, Verlander has been excellent against National League opponents.  In his 15 career starts vs NL teams, he is 11-1.

Jason Verlander career vs NL opponents

Starts         15

W-L            11-1

ERA            3.10

Opp. BA     .216

K per 9       10.1

>>Threw a no-hitter vs the Brewers on June 12, 2007

Verlander has been excellent vs NL opponents, going 11-1 in his 15 career starts.

The Mets are 10-5 all-time vs AL Central opponents at home.  All of those games were played at Shea Stadium.  The Mets are 3-0 vs the Tigers at home, having swept them at Shea in 2004.  However, that was a Tigers team that was coming off a 119-loss season, not one that is currently 8 games over .500 with one of the best pitchers in the game taking the mound.

The Mets have struggled against RH starters this season.  Despite their 26-22 record in those games, the Mets offense has struggled when facing a RH starter.

Mets W-L all-time vs AL Central opponents at home

Detroit               3-0

Cleveland          2-1

Kansas City       2-1

Minnesota         3-3

Top 10 Mets regular season moments (to see moments 10-6 look at previous dates of Hopeisthebestofthings)

5.  Matt Franco beats Rivera and the Yankees – the date was July 10, 1999. The Mets were hosting the Yankees in the 2nd of a three-game series at Shea Stadium.  In a back and forth game that saw 5 lead changes, the Yankees took a one-run lead into the bottom of the 9th.  With 2 outs and the bases loaded, Matt Franco was sent to the plate to hit for Melvin Mora.  Mariano quickly got ahead in the count 0-2 and threw what looked to be a game-ending strike three, but home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg called it either low or inside.  On the next pitch, Franco lined a single past Chuck Knoblauch into RF.  Rickey Henderson scored the tying run and Edgardo Alfonzo raced home with the winning run.  Mets won 9-8.

Matt Franco provided Mets fans a moment to remember when he beat Mariano Rivera and the Yankees on July 10, 1999.

Help Fund for Cancer Survivors

I might as well use this blog to educate people that cancer survivors out there need your help.  Many of us (myself included) have suffered awful side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation.  As a result of my treatment, I now suffer from Hemochromotosis, Crohn’s Disease and Lymphedema.  I had to retire in April 2008 after being diagnosed with Hemochromotosis. Disability payments are not NEARLY enough to live on and many of us in situations like mine need help.  PLEASE help me by donating to a fund to start a foundation for cancer survivors.  If you want more information or are looking for something like this and want to become involved, check out our facebook page or email me.



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