Hope is the best of things – June 29

Mets revive horrid past in Puerto Rico with wretched performance

The Mets third venture into Hiram Bithorn Stadium went as well as their first 2 visits when they went 2-5.  Last night they were humiliated by a team with no manager and in complete disarray.  In doing so the Mets fell to 9-20 on the road against NL opponents and a abominable 3-9 on the road vs NL East opponents, including now 0-5 vs the Marlins.

Mets on road vs NL East – 2010

W-L           3-9>>

ERA           6.78

BA             .224

Runs PG    4.0

>>0-5 vs Marlins

R.A. Dickey finally showed signs of being human as the Marlins slapped him silly, scoring 5 runs in 5 innings against him.  Fernando Nieve and Ryota Igarashi quickly added gasoline to the flaming inferno by allowing 5 runs on 3 home runs.  It’s very disturbing to me how the Marlins seem to toy with the Mets.  Despite being 7 games behind the Mets, the Marlins have enjoyed beating up on them.

Mets last 20 games at Florida

W-L           7-13

ERA          4.54

BA             .268

Runs PG     4.4

Another point of frustration for the Mets is how badly Jose Reyes plays when put head-to-head against Hanley Ramirez.  On mere talent, Reyes seems to have just as much if not more than Ramirez.  However, Ramirez has continually outplayed Reyes when these 2 teams have met.

Reyes vs Ramirez Since 2009

Reyes             Games: 14       BA:  .143      Runs: 4     RBI: 4

Ramirez         Games: 26       BA:  .324      Runs: 15   RBI: 17

Another sore spot for Mets fans is the fact that the Marlins TWICE ended the Mets season in consecutive years when the Mets had a chance at the postseason and both times in New York.  Met killers rain up and down their lineup.  Cantu, Ross, Baker, Coglhan, Sanchez, all seem to love beating up on the Mets pitching staff.  Some hit for high average (Coglhan .308, Sanchez .378, Ross .419) others hit for power and drive in runs (Cantu 30 RBI, Uggla 14 HR, 39 RBI).  Chris Coglhan has 14 career HR, 5 which are against the Mets.

Jason Bay finally breaks out

Despite the Mets putting their tail between their legs and getting abused last night, Jason Bay finally showed some of the power that Mets fans have been yearning for as he hit 2 HR and drove in 3 runs. Although both his home runs were the result of the band box the Mets played in, which made the fact that the Mets have hit so poorly there (.189 BA, 5 HR, 18 runs scored in 8 games) much more disturbing.  Both of Bay’s HR would have been fly balls in Citifield, but you can only do what the elements allow you to, and last night Bay was terrific.

Reyes back in slump

After ripping up the AL during interleague play, Reyes has sharply declined over his last 3 games, going 1-13 with no runs scored and no stolen bases.  Simply put, when Reyes struggles the Mets don’t win.  Mets fans have been inspired by Reyes play prior to this stretch, however disturbing trends started to develop during the last 2 days of his hot streak as a few of his hits were bloopers that just avoided the SS grasp.  Since then he has once again made it a habit to pop up to the left side of the infield which is the absolute worst sign for Reyes.  When he gets into those habits, that’s when he puts together a .140, 4 runs, 3 RBI month long stretch.  Let’s hope that he will snap back to form tonight against a pitcher he should crush.

Perhaps the most alarming thing about Reyes season so far is how awful he has been on the road vs NL opponents.  He ended his road woes for a brief stretch when the Mets traveled to Baltimore, Cleveland and the Yankees, but against NL opponents on the road, he has been an abortion.

Jose Reyes – 2010 on road

vs NL opponents   Games: 27   BA  .180     OBP  .213      Runs: 10    RBI: 12

vs AL opponents   Games: 9     BA: 375      OBP: .390     Runs: 10    RBI:  6

Robertson takes on Takahashi tonight as Mets look to rebound

Tonight the Mets get a chance to end their 5-game road losing streak to the Marlins on the road this season when they take on Nate Robertson.  Obtained in spring training from the Tigers, Robertson has struggled a bit this season, going 5-6 with a 4.89 ERA in 15 games.  Robertson will be making his 4th start against the Mets this season, which he has 2 of his 5 wins against despite posting a 5.28 ERA and a .313 opponent BA.

Hisanori Takahashi will take the mound for the Mets.  Takahashi was pounded in his last start by the Tigers and bets are that if he gets pounded again tonight, or doesn’t give the Mets a chance to win, then this might be his last start. Look for runs a plenty tonight, as the Marlins pounded Takahashi in their 4 meetings vs him this season scoring 8 runs in 9.2 IP while hitting 3 HR and posting a .324 BA. The Mets have gotten much more than expected out of Takahashi and Dickey but play time is over. If the Mets want to seriously be a contender in the NL East they need another 1 if not 2 strong starters.

Cliff Lee would be nice, but not at the price of our young talent, especially since the Mets can get him for free in the FA market.  Ted Lilly, Fausto Carmona or Ben Sheets would be nice at a much less price tag.  Let’s hope that stuttering John (aka Omar Minaya) will pull the trigger and soon before the Mets hit a skid where Dickey and Takahashi are exposed and the team loses 15 of 20.

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