Hope is the best of things

This blog is for educated readers who don’t mind journeying into other areas of interest besides STRICTLY sports.  Most of my posts will be in the world of sports, but I might occasionally delve into movies, books and the third rail of conversation, politics and religion.

If you like this I hope you keep reading.  If you don’t well then maybe you can only read the topics you like.  I hope you enjoy this.

Mets fans come in all forms and sizes…and are ALWAYS disappointed.

At the bottom of each blog I always put this…

Help for Cancer Survivors

I might as well use this blog to educate people that cancer survivors out there need your help.  Many of us (myself included) have suffered awful side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation.  As a result of my treatment, I now suffer from Hemochromotosis, Crohn’s Disease and Lymphedema.  I had to retire in April 2008 after being diagnosed with Hemochromotosis. Disability payments are not NEARLY enough to live on and many of us in situations like mine need help.  You can help me by donating to me personally. My wife supports both of us and because of constant uncertainty with finances, we have moved seven times in the last seven years. If you feel led to give, I can use all the help you can give.

I am a cancer survivor who really could use your help. Please click the DONATE button to donate funds to help support us. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

My main goal is to start a foundation for cancer survivors.  My life is very unstable as far as finances because of current medical costs (I still go to the doctor at least 3 times a month).  I also have wraps and bandages for lymphedema and all that is impossible living on disability.  I have very few options left, so I offer myself unto everyone who has a desire to help.  There are others like me who also suffer because of this disease.

We have fought the battles.  We have seen the enemy.  We have GIVEN OUR LIVES TO CANCER.   Now we need help to keep on and advance our message of hope after cancer, because if everyone who defeats cancer has to deal with bankruptcy, lawyers and threatening calls from creditors, the stress will then either bring the cancer back or cause other problems.  I can still talk, I can still think, and I still have some bullets left in my gun.  My main goal is the use my story to glorify God and spread the fact that I He saved me.  I deeply desire to spend the rest of my days spreading His word and helping others to be inspired by my story.

If you know someone who needs a speaker for an event or need one yourself, please contact me at ckmagic3205@yahoo.com. Below are some examples of when I got the chance to speak. I pray that God use me for His glory to give testimony of the life He has saved. If you want to give to help us, please click on the donate button and know that your support makes a HUGE, HUGE difference. Unlike other organizations or people out there, you know this is going directly to help a person affected by this awful disease.

Video 1- mark at make-a-wish event introducing Dick Vitale


Video 2 – Mark at Dick Vitale’s house speaking


 Video 3 – me speaking at Dick Vitale’s house in 2013 at V Foundation fund raiser


 For the first video, I am introduced by Howie “Stump the Schwab” and come on after about 2-3 minutes.

 Here are other newspaper articles on me.






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